How To Highlight Table Row OnMouseOver

I'm just gonna make a continuation of my previous post. We are going to:

1. Highlight the table row on mouse over.
2. Show its original color on mouse out.

Just add the following JavaScript code before the </body> tag:

<script src="">
<script type='text/javascript'>

//we will select the odd and even row
//to highlight it on mouse over
$('.odd-row, .even-row').hover(
function () {
$(this).css('background-color', '#CFF');
function () {
//then get the class name to identify
//and show its original color
var c_name = $(this).attr('class');
if(c_name == 'odd-row'){
$(this).css('background-color', '#E3E3E3');
}else if(c_name == 'even-row'){
$(this).css('background-color', '#D1D1D1');



That's it! :)
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