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PHP Product & Category Management Module – PHP Product Catalog Script



Before You Download, make sure you have basic understanding of these topics:

a. PHP Object Oriented CRUD Example with Bootstrap

b. Apache .htaccess RewriteRule Examples with PHP

Demo Link

Experience the live demo by sending a request to mike@codeofaninja.com, your email subject must be “DEMO Request: PHP Product Catalog Script”.

Features List

User type: AdminAdminYes
Interface for adminAdminYes
Login pageAdminYes
Log outAdminYes
Create productAdminYes
Read productsAdminYes
Update productAdminYes
Delete productAdminYes
Search productAdmin & CustomerYes
Product lists with paginationAdmin & CustomerYes
View inactive productsAdminYes
View products under a categoryAdmin & CustomerYes
Product list under a category with paginationAdmin & CustomerYes
Upload product images, you can select many images at onceAdminYes
View product images with thumbnailsAdmin & CustomerYes
Delete product image with X iconAdminYes
Upload product PDFs , you can select many PDF files at onceAdminYes
List product PDFAdminYes
Delete product PDFAdminYes
View single product with related informationCustomerYes
View single product with add to cart buttonCustomerYes
View single product with image sliderCustomerYes
View single product with SEO friendly URL (.htaccess file used)CustomerYes
Rich text editor for product description when adding or editing productAdminYes
Quantity value must be more than 1CustomerYes
Sorting by fieldsAdminYes
Create categoryAdminYes
Read categoriesAdminYes
Update categoryAdminYes
Delete categoryAdminYes
Search categoryAdminYes
Category list with paginationAdminYes
Category search result with paginationAdminYes
View products under a product categoryAdmin & CustomerYes
Auto update category drop down in create or update product formAdminYes
Auto update categories in navigation barAdmin & CustomerYes
Highlight selected category in navigationAdmin & CustomerYes
Login user with hashed password validationCustomer & AdminYes
Used PDO bindParam() to prevent SQL injection in all MySQL queriesDeveloperYes
Used PHP htmlspecialchars() and strip_tags() to prevent XSS attacksDeveloperYes
Object oriented programming source codeDeveloperYes
Bootstrap user interfaceDeveloperYes
PDO extension usedDeveloperYes
Page title navigation with linksDeveloperYes
Radio button looks like a switchDeveloperYes
Icon in all create, edit and delete buttonsDeveloperYes
All source code files organized by foldersDeveloperYes
Database configuration file in config folderDeveloperYes
SQL file and READ-ME.txt in “sql” folderDeveloperYes
SQL file and READ-ME.txt in “dev” folderDeveloperYes
Database design and data dictionary in “dev” folderDeveloperYes
Free source code updates / new features updateDeveloperYes
Free support for 6 monthsDeveloperYes
Buy once, use for unlimited number of sitesDeveloperYes
One-time payment, no recurring paymentDeveloperYes

Simple Configuration

Source code simple configuration when you install:

1. This system works with PHP 5.4+

2. In your PhpMyAdmin, create a database “php_product_catalog”

3. Import the SQL file php_product_catalog.sql in the “dev” folder

4. Rewrite module must be enable in your apache server

5. Change rewrite base directory in line 7 of .htaccess file

6. Configure $home_url in /config/core.php

7. Configure database in /config/database.php

8. User Login
Admin Section Login
Username: mike@example.com
Password: ninja12qw!@QW

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