DSM Facebook Video WordPress Plugin – Customize Facebook Videos Display

In this post, you will learn how to use the DSM Facebook Video WordPress Plugin. In other words, we will pull the list of videos from your Facebook page and display it to your website. It can be your WordPress site or your client’s WordPress site. Our WordPress plugin will be used to achieve this output.

The WP plugin’s source code is based on one of our popular blog post: How To Display Facebook VIDEOS on Website? I decided to make a WordPress plugin version of that code because many people are requesting it. So here’s what I came up with.

Contents of this post include:

1.0 Overview
2.0 Feature Details & Download
3.0 Feature Screenshots
4.0 How To Use?
5.0 Live Demos
6.0 What People Say
7.0 Related WordPress Plugins
8.0 Some Notes

1.0 Overview

You or your client is using Videos on Facebook? Don’t miss the opportunity to display it on your WordPress site! Our WordPress plugin can help you with that.

Through our WordPress plugin, we can display your videos from a Facebook page to your website. Automatically. In real-time. Your site will have an ‘instant’ videos for your customers or audience.

Once you create, edit or delete a video on Facebook, your website will be updated as well. Facebook videos will be displayed as grid items with thumbnails. How cool is that?

On more thing, did you know that your can control the look & feel of your Facebook videos on your website? You surely can! Our WordPress plugin has this settings dashboard where you can control colors like background colors, button color, font color and more!

On the next section, let’s take a closer look at the feature details of our DSM Facebook Videos WordPress Plugin – PRO Version!

2.0 Feature Details & Download

Save Your Precious Time
Manage videos for both of your Facebook Page and website – only once!YES
Save time figuring out and coding these features on your websiteYES
Display Videos
Display thumbnails of each videoYES
Display title or description of each videoYES
Display number of likes of each videoYES
Display number of comments of each videoYES
Display clickable link to actual video on FacebookYES
Display icons for number of likes, comments and link.YES
Display same width and height of each video thumbnail (grid style)YES
Display play button on top of each video thumbnailYES
Responsive video list – viewable in mobile, tablet and desktopYES
Clickable grid items to play video and show related dataYES
Load more videos without page refresh (infinite scroll)YES
Display loading animation while loading more videosYES
Display One Video
Display back to videos buttonYES
Display video with clickable controls such as play, pause, volume, full-screen, etc.YES
Display video title (if available)YES
Display video’s number of likesYES
Display video’s number of commentsYES
Display when the video was posted (time ago format)YES
Display clickable link to actual album on FacebookYES
Display video descriptionYES
Display some liker’s nameYES
Display icons for likes, comments, link and description.YES
Make links clickableYES
Display commentsYES
Display commentator’s name with link to their Facebook accountYES
Display each comment’s number of likesYES
Load and display more comments without page refreshYES
Display comment replies or respondentsYES
Display respondent’s name with link to their Facebook accountYES
Display each reply’s number of likesYES
Load and display more replies without page refreshYES
Responsive video – viewable in mobile, tablet and desktopYES
Look & Feel Customization
Our plugin’s settings can be found in WordPress Settings > DSM Facebook VideosYES
Specify Facebook page name or IDYES
Specify number of videos shown by defaultYES
Specify excluded videos by video IDYES
Choose background colorYES
Choose text colorYES
Choose icon colorYES
Choose link colorYES
Choose button background colorYES
Choose button text colorYES
Easily choose colors with color pickerYES
Specify umber of comments shown by defaultYES
Specify number of replies shown by defaultYES
Show or hide like countYES
Show or hide comment countYES
Show or hide link to FacebookYES
Show or hide link commentsYES
Updates and Support
Free plugin updates for 2 yearsYES
Fast and friendly email support for 1 yearYES
* You can use your debit or credit card with PayPal.

Do you need more reasons to download our WordPress plugin?

Buy only once, use up to 3 websites and Facebook pages!YES
No different kind of licenses.YES
No monthly or any recurring fees.YES
No need to rely on another website to render Facebook videos.YES
No need for codes from other websites.YES
Completely customizable.YES

3.0 Feature Screenshots

The following are some of the features in screenshot with small descriptions. Aside from this, you can always view the live demo of our output in section 5.0 below.

Please note that the following are just output preview. New features might be added or released already – the very moment you read this.

3.1 Show List Of Videos From A Facebook Page

List the videos from your Facebook page in grid view. This is responsive.
dsm facebook videos wordpress plugin display list of videos

3.2 Display One Video With Its Details

Details include number of likes and comments, comments, comment replies and more.
dsm facebook videos wordpress plugin display single video with details

3.3 Control The Look & Feel Of You Facebook Videos

This is where you control the look and feel of your Facebook videos on your website.
dsm facebook videos wordpress plugin admin dashbaord control look and fee

4.0 How To Use?

How to use DSM Facebook Videos WordPress Plugin? You only need 5 easy steps.

4.1 Basic Use

1. Download our plugin.
2. Upload our plugin to your WordPress site.
3. Go to WordPress Settings > DSM Facebook Videos to Customize settings.
4. Put shortcode to your Facebook page, post or widget. The shortcode is:


5. Hit save button.

4.2 How to display only one video from Facebook?

1. Go to the album your desire in Facebook.
2. Take a look at the URL in your browser, it looks like the following.


3. Get the album ID from that URL. Looking at the example URL above, it is 10153630739701466
4. Use the shortcode in the following format.

[[dsm_facebook_videos single_video="yes" video_id="10153630739701466"]]

As you can see, we added some parameters:

video_id=”1220347914657493″ (the album_id we got earlier)

Congratulations! You just displayed videos from Facebook to your website.

5.0 Live Demos

Enjoy the following live demo of our DSM Facebook Videos WordPress plugin.

6.0 What People Say?

Here’s what people say on our social media products.

★★★★★ “Hi Mr. Dalisay, My name is Clinton and I’m a front end designer. I purchased two (Facebook) scripts from you today. Thank you for your time and what a great tutorial and was happy to support your projects.”

Clinton Moore
Web Developer & Owner, Netchanics

★★★★★ “This guy is the best. There was a small issue and he helped me right away. I recommend this (Facebook Feed) script to everybody. Instead of wasting time by copy pasting, just purchased the package and saved a lot of time.”

Aykun Cetinkaya
Media Representative, LinkedIn Profile

★★★★★ “Just wanted to say thank you. Just purchased the (Social) Script PRO Pack today not too long ago and modified it a bit to make it a dark theme and it’s working great. It saved me A LOT of time! Thank you!!!!!!!”

Daniel Mort
Web Developer & Owner, Morthub

7.0 Related WordPress Plugins

8.0 Some Notes

Need support? Have a feature request? Don’t hesitate to send me an email about it. My email address is mike@codeofaninja.com.