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Katy Perry Votes NakedToday on VoterRegistrationDay I Funny Or Die and Rock the Vote invite you to... IRegistered

65,968 4,192

Rise (Coming August 4)AUGUST 4TH we RISE:

42,271 1,666

60,261 1,951

Katy Perry Discusses "Rise" On The Today ShowICYMI on Today Show heres why I wrote RISE

96,310 2,568

Katy Perry: The Making of Super Bowl XLIX Halftime ShowTBT to last year... playing the Super Bowl half-time showYa gotta go behind-the-scenes on how we did it all...Check DirecTV Dish or your cable provider. SuperBowl50

66,000 2,829

Katy Perry Zoolander 2FASHUN WILL HAPPUN 2.12.16 Zoolander Movie Ben Stiller

305,749 8,822

PUMP. UP. THE. JAMPump up dem eyes Right COVERGIRL plumpify

146,647 6,037

Have you met Lefty in thekatyperrypopgame yet

22,747 916

Katy Perry x Claire's Kitty Catoure Collection #PauseThePawsThe brand new KITTY CATOURE collection is now out at Claires just in time for the Holidays Play along Try to pause at the right time so all of the phone cases match up then screenshot and post to Instagram or Twitter tagging PauseThePaws Shop the collection here

10,626 589

Be in the season Go behind the scenes of my HappyandMerry campaign with hm

28,089 809

Katy Perry Mad Potion HolidayBlack Friday is here KatyCats Can you feel the holiday madness MadPotion

27,506 1,389

Katy Perry This Is How We Do Just DanceTHIS IS HOW WE DO is on Just Dance 2016 Game is out today Watch more:

19,389 1,015