How To Use Greybox

Greybox is another beautiful way not only to display your site contents or websites in a pop up window but also to do database operations in it.    Image from How To’s. *Comments on codes serves as its explanations.   Step 1: Download Greybox here.   Step 2: Create your js/ directory and place… Continue reading How To Use Greybox

CSS Z-Index Property

Z-Index property is like a layering system for CSS. It helps a lot when it comes to organizing elements on a web page.Today I’m gonna show you a simple example use of the CSS Z-index property.At the end of this tutorial, we will have th following output: The CSS Z-index property Step 1: Prepare two sample… Continue reading CSS Z-Index Property

Search Data Using jQuery – Step By Step Guide!

Today, we will learn how to search data using jQuery. It will be very convenient for the users of your web application if you can load more data from the database without refreshing the whole page. Users don’t have to wait for those web contents such as images, text, flash files, etc. to load because… Continue reading Search Data Using jQuery – Step By Step Guide!

CSS message box examples

Today I’m going to show you CSS message box examples. We have four types of commonly used message boxes in a software/web application, I call them Info, Success, Warning, and Error boxes. Displaying message boxes in your site or application helps users a lot in identifying what they are doing or what is the result… Continue reading CSS message box examples

How to: Date Format

If you’re gonna display this date format in your page, it will look so elementary: 2010-10-20. So we got to have a format for this one. Date Format Step 1: Prepare your database configuration file. Step 2: Create and put this code inside your index.php file. you should have something like this: Date Format Step 3: If you… Continue reading How to: Date Format

How To: Read More Link

Creating a Read More link saves space in your page especially if you want to display a list of articles. It is much better than displaying the whole content of an article. Read More Link Step 1: Prepare your database configuration file. Step 2: Create your index.php file. You should have these codes.

How To Use Pipette

Pipette allows you to instantly grab the colour of any pixel on your screen and copy it in hex format, as used in CSS files, or graphic softwares, such as Adobe Photoshop. Pipette (Image from Step 1: Download Pippette here. Step 2: Unzip it and run the application. You should have something like this: The Pipette Application Step 3: Click… Continue reading How To Use Pipette

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