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How To Highlight Table Row on Hover

In this post, we'll highlight table row on hover. Here's how it will work: Highlight the table row on hover. Show its original color on mouse out. Just add the following JavaScript code before the </body> tag: That's it! :)

How To Create Zebra Striped Tables

Zebra striped tables look good. It guides the user’s eyes when looking into your rows of data. This one useful when you have long list of data, making your app more user friendly. DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE LIVE DEMO Step 1: Prepare your database configuration file. (I have config_open_db.php). As for the table structure, we can […]

How To Use jQuery Lightbox With A Database? Step by Step Guide!

Today I'm gonna show you how to use Lightbox while getting photo information from your database. I think this is great if you wanna have something like a dynamic photo gallery in your site. LIVE DEMO Step 1: Prepare your Database. We’ll have something like this: Step 2: Download Lightbox here. Step 3: Unzip it […]

Sample Use of JavaScript Confirm Pop Up Boxes

I'm gonna give you an example on how to use JavaScript confirm pop up boxes to delete a database record. JavaScript Confirm Pop Up Box File Name: index.php Here's how it works:1. When you run this code, you will see a delete link.2. After clicking that link, a JavaScript Pop Up Box will appear saying ""Are […]

CakePHP Naming Conventions

CakePHP requires us to follow certain convention. In this way, we will have very uniform system development, have free functionality, and save time over tracking configuration files! :)1. Create a Model  directory: app/models/ filename: post.php  classname: Post extension: class Post extends AppModel The filenames of models are always singular. And its classnames are CamelCased. 2. Create a Controller  directory: app/controllers/ filename: posts_controller.php classname: PostsController extension: class […]

How To Alter/Change InnoDB to MyISAM

"What? MySQL Fulltext Search is not working!"Well, this is what I thought before. I used to have MyISAM tables when developing an application. I never thought about table types. I then realized that I was using InnoDB table type where MySQL Fulltext search is not working.  So I had to alter the table from InnoDB […]