How To Display Facebook Page Events on Website using PHP?


Hi visitor,

We reached out to Facebook and they said that certain Facebook API features are temporarily down due to the changes they are making to the Facebook platform.

We digged into the new API documentation, and it says that once the Facebook changes were done, they will require the users of Events API to use a reviewed and approved FB application.

In other words, it will be harder to display FB page events because FB has to review your app first to make your access token work. We'll send you instructions how to do it once we got our app approved.

As a temporary fix, you can use the Facebook page plugin here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin/

Thank you for understanding and patience.


Before we start coding, you might be someone NOT interested in coding. If that's the case, you should use a website plugin like SociableKIT. Watch the following video.

What's next? You can Try SociableKIT now, view a live demo here or continue with the code tutorial below.

Do you have an event manager on your website? Do you create events on your Facebook page? If your answer is both YES, you're wasting a lot of time managing your brand's events information online.

What if there's a way to create an event ONCE, and then let it appear both on your Website and Facebook page? Will you be happy saving your precious time? Our code for today will make you happy then, just like we are!

Today we're gonna talk about how to display publicly available Facebook Page EVENTS on your website. This one is great if you want your Facebook page events to be shown in your website in a synchronized way.

Once you created or updated an event on Facebook, it will be automatically reflected on your website too. The advantages and risks of this is almost the same with what I discussed in my first post  related to this one.

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