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What is this tool?

This tool called Online Slugify provides an easy and accessible (online) way for developers and designers to generate a slug of any string.

How to use?

Put your string in the text box above and click the "Slugify" button, or simply press enter. The slugged string will appear in the green box below.

This tool accepts any strings, for example:

1. "14+ Android AlertDialog.Builder Example Codes and Output" will be "14-android-alertdialogbuilder-example-codes-and-output"

2. "How To Get the User's Current Location in Android? GPS Example Help" will be "how-to-get-the-users-current-location-in-android-gps-example-help"

Why use this tool?

1. I personally use this tool when naming images for a blog post.

For instance, I have a blog post titled "The Newest Tool Site", for SEO purposes and with the help of this tool, one of the images on the post will have a file named "the-newest-tool-site.jpg"

2. To test what the slugged string will look like.

3. Please send me other possible uses of this tool you can think of, please send an email to [email protected]

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