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PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial Using Cookies + Bootstrap + jQuery

php shopping cart tutorial using cookies

Hey guys! Today we will have a PHP shopping cart tutorial using cookies! Sounds delicious, isn’t it? But the cookie that we will use is not the cookie we eat. Let me explain.

In this tutorial, we’ll use the HTTP cookie, also known as the web cookie or browser cookie. It is usually a small piece of data stored in the user’s browser while the user is using the site. It is designed to be a reliable way for websites to remember useful information, such as shopping cart items, or to record any user activity on a website.

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Simple Android Signature Capture Tutorial and Source Code

Hello my friends! Today’s code is about capturing a user’s signature and saving it as a PNG image in the device SD card.

This android signature capture tutorial is useful if your app requires some signature for purposes like purchases, receipts or any transactions that needs a signature as a proof .

Our simple program below will have two buttons, a ‘save’ and ‘clear’ buttons and a canvas where the user can draw his signature. The program output is simple, so the code should be simple too! So…

The content of this post includes:

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Android Calculator Tutorial and Source Code Example

android calculator tutorial

What if there’s an easy way to use a calculator for your android app? That would be great! Right? Well, I’ll try to help you guys with that.

Our post for today is about an android calculator tutorial and after the tutorial is the source code download, available in zip format.

Just a brief background on how this calculator works, we will have a TextView in which the user can click on. After clicking it, our calculator will be shown using a pop up or dialog.

The contents of this post include:

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