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PHP Login System & User Management Module


This source code is about PHP Login System. It will help you understand how to login and logout functionality works. Sign up email verification, user registration, and forgot password features are included as well.

The basic idea is, we will have two user access levels: the ‘Admin’ and ‘Customer’.

If the ‘Customer’ is logged in, he can access pages assigned for him to be accessed, like the edit profile and index page for ‘Customer’.

If the ‘Admin’ is logged in, he can create, read list, update, delete and search users. See the full list of features in the table below.

Where’s the tutorial? We call this a tutorial because if your download the source code, you can ask me anything related to it. I can personally teach you the code and other tips you need.

That’s how we go about it for now. Formal tutorial or documentation of this code is coming soon. I’m currently working on it. Thanks for understanding!

Source Code LIVE DEMO

If you need the live demo link, send a request to mike@codeofaninja.com with subject “Login System Demo Link Request”, thank you!

PHP Login System Features

You can see the features and download it below.

FeatureLogin System
Login form with email and passwordYES
PHP Sessions are used to identify logged in and logged out users.YES
Hashed password stored in databaseYES
Register formYES
Password and confirm password fieldsYES
Check if password matchesYES
Sending of verification link to emailYES
Validation page of email linkYES
Check if password is strong enoughYES
Email sending works with remote host only.YES
Redirection to login page if not yet logged inYES
Forgot password pageYES
Password reset link sent to emailYES
Password reset pageYES
Customer access to index page when logged inYES
Customer access to edit profile page when logged inYES
Customer change password pageYES
Customer password and confirm password field when editing profileYES
Customer logoutYES
Admin create userYES
Admin read usersYES
Admin update userYES
Admin delete userYES
Admin change of user access level: Admin or CustomerYES
Admin search user by email addressYES
Admin users list pagingYES
Admin edit profileYES
Admin logoutYES
Admin change password pageYES
Admin can change user passwordsYES
Admin can manually change status of users (pending or approved)YES
Require login in admin index page, edit profile page and users CRUD pages.YES
Bootstrap enabled user interfaceYES
Free source code updates and support for 6 months.YES

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