CakePHP: Access Current Controller, Action and Parameters

Hi guys, today I’m going to show you how to access or get CakePHP’s current page controller, action and parameters. I found this useful when high lighting certain elements of a page for example are tabs, sidebars, etc. that tells the user what part of the system or website they are currently in.

CakePHP: Access Current Controller, Action and Parameters

For instance we will have the following URL:

Based on that URL, our controller is users. To access it we will have:

 $current_controller = $this->params['controller'];

Our action is edit and we will access it this way:

 $current_action = $this->action;

Our first parameter is 27, which is the ID of the record to be edited. We can access it by doing:

$user_id = $this->params['pass'][0];

In case that we have second parameter, we have to access it this way:

  $second_parameter = $this->params['pass'][1];

For the third parameter:

$third_parameter = $this->params['pass'][2];

and so on…

You can do these codes either in your controller or view files.

By Mike Dalisay

I'm Mike Dalisay, a pro web developer since 2010. I love web development. Improving our tutorials and source codes makes me happy. Do you want to suggest an edit to our tutorial? Got something to ask about our source codes? You may use our comments section below or email our team at [email protected]

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