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The resources on The Code of a Ninja can be used freely in personal and commercial projects. Please note, that most of the tutorials and resources are experimental and not ready for production, but made for inspiration and demonstration purpose only.

The resources on The Code of a Ninja can be used in websites, web apps and web templates intended for sale. You don’t have to link back to us if it vitiates your work but we appreciate any credit.

You are not allowed to take our work "as-is" and sell it, redistribute or re-publish it, or sell simple "pluginized" versions of it.

If you plan to create free WordPress, jQuery, Joomla, etc. plugins out of our scripts, please credit us in a fair way and link to the respective article on The Code of a Ninja.

Please, respect the licenses of the resources (audio, video or images) that we often use in our demos. We always indicate the license in the article and link to the owner/creator in both, article and demo.

If you write about some of our work we would like you to add a link back to us. You are free to copy excerpts but please do not copy entire articles (e.g. RSS feed scraping), we put our heart into this work. Don’t re-publish our demos and our ZIP files, and don’t link directly to any ZIP file, link to the article instead.

Please contact us, if you’d like to translate articles and re-publish them.

Summarized, use it freely, integrate it, make it your own, but don’t copy and paste our work and sell it or claim that it's yours, stay fair.

This applies to the products that is for sale here at codeofaninja.com.

Given the nature of downloadable digital items, we do not generally offer a refund unless required under relevant consumer protection laws. If you would like to request a refund, you should send us an email.

We will assess refund on their merits, considering the digital nature of codeofaninja.com products, the type of item preview and the list of features that was available before purchase.

There is no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

  • You have changed your mind about an item.
  • You bought an item by mistake.
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item.
  • You ask for goodwill.
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed by our team (we advise you to download items as soon as you buy them to avoid this situation).

If you bought our source codes, you will receive the product's lifetime updates. Updates can include new features or bug fixes. We cannot know when or how often the updates will be. We reserve the right when and where to release these updates.

If you bought our source codes, you will receive a priority and free support for 6 months or 1 year. It depends on the source code package you bought. If you need support after that period, it will be paid support. If you did not buy any product, we often answer comments on our blog for free as well. We reserve the right to decide if your question makes sense and deserve an answer.

Our source codes are provided as is. We do not support any integration or customization. Our website is meant only for tutorials, training or reference.

If you commented or emailed us with a praise or kind words about our blog or products, we reserve the right to publish it here on our website. If you see your testimonial on our website and you did not like it, please contact us to remove it.