Firefox Is Running Very Slow!

Last updated on July 26, 2021 by Mike Dalisay

I was into a situation where I have no other choice but to use the Firefox web browser for blogging. I have another important Google account opened in Chrome.

I was wondering why this super fast Firefox is running too slow in my computer. Then I found out that it is because of my slow performing add-ons. Some add-ons can even slow Firefox to a crawl and make it difficult to use for regular web browsing.

According to Firefox, here are the top add-ons that can make your web browsing with Firefox slow to crawl.

Firefox Is Running Very Slow!
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Then suddenly, I realized why my Firefox is very slow. I’m using Firebug, the number one add on (as of this posting) that can make Firefox performance thumbs down. So, what I did is I disabled my Firebug and all went to normal. You can check out this instruction on how to disable a plugin or extension in Firefox. Firefox is now running fast again. Firefox performance is great. :)

By Mike Dalisay

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