How To Get Facebook App ID and Secret Keys?

After creating a Facebook page where we will pull our data, we have to create an app to get an appId and appSecret keys. Those keys are required to use the Facebook PHP SDK and do our queries like pulling Facebook photos, events, videos, and feeds. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to get those keys.

How To Get Facebook App ID and Secret Keys?
Facebook developer apps dashboard.

Step 1

Here’s the link where you would start: create a Facebook app. On the pop up, specify your app name (the name of your website or app) and app namespace (used for your Facebook app URL e.g.,

Creating an app.
Creating an app.

Step 2

You’ll be asked to enter a security code to verify that you’re a human and not a bot or malware that creates random Facebook apps. After entering the text in the box, click the “Continue” button.

A security check.
A security check.

Step 3

Congrats! now you can copy your Facebook appId and appSecret. See the arrows below.

Your Facebook appId and appSecret keys.
Your Facebook appId and appSecret keys.

Step 4

Prepare your App ID and App Secret keys, we’ll use it to get your access token, here’s how:

Replace YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_APP_SECRET with your own and run the link on the browser.

By Mike Dalisay

I'm Mike Dalisay, a pro web developer since 2010. I love web development. Improving our tutorials and source codes makes me happy. Do you want to suggest an edit to our tutorial? Got something to ask about our source codes? You may use our comments section below or email our team at [email protected]


  1. Hi! I love your work! I used to have my facebook gallery embed with your code. Then my fb app crash and now I can’t. Can you tell me what facebook permissions are required on the app to use it correctly? Thanks!!

  2. I’m looking to do something like this for someone else’s Fan Page, and bring their FB posts into their website. I’m assuming I can use my own AppID/Key, even though I’m not the owner of that page? Or do I need the owner of the page to go through the steps of generating an AppID/Key. Seems odd it would be so much work to pull in posts :) Thanks!!

      1. Thank you, sir. I did play around with that tutorial last night and was able to get it to work :) Thanks!!

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