Google+ vs. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s Reaction

Alright, so I watched this video about 10 times now and I know I'm gonna be watching this one tomorrow and in the future. Hahaha!

This one really makes me laugh. Well I know some of you might not find it funny but this one is really hilarious for me! I mean, I was like ROFL! This is about MySpace, Facebook, and Google+.

We all know the competition they had or they're having. The actors are really good.

Real Tom, Fake Tom :))

Fake Zuck, Real Zuck.

The movie clip was made by the Rooster Teeth. Thanks to them for making my day. :))

Here are some of my favorite lines on that video:


Zuck: Listen, we're friends right?
Guy: Sure yeah, we're on the same, circle of friends.


Zuck: Do I know you from somewhere?
Tom: Let me give you a hint.


Tom: I'm sorry I didn't get your name
Zuck: It's not important, listen, I have to go.


Tom: I'm not gonna hurt you, you know why Zuckerberg? I don't have to.


There's a lot more. Well, to understand those lines more, just watch it:

The real Tom Anderson had his personal comment on this video:

"G+ / FB / MySpace Parody :-) Takes a while to get goin' :) Sorta a video version of the comic I shared a few days ago.

Update: Some people reacted to this post by suggesting I'm eager to see Zuckerberg / Facebook go down. You're not reading my posts at all if you think that. As I've started a few times, Mark has always been a gentleman to me, and I admire what he's done, and am looking forward to what he will do.

The competition between G+, Twitter, and Facebook will make all three companies better. Who wins? Us, the users. Did Facebook even have a "status update" before Twitter? FB grew and became better because of that competition.

And as for me, my ownership of MySpace was sold in the initial 2005 sale, not in the recent fire sale (see the previous post). From my perspective, I'm grateful and feel lucky both for the money I made and the long run MySpace did have (I left in early 2009)."

He said that on his Google+ account. Yes, he posted it in his personal G+ account. I admire Tom for being really cool, he has such a great sense of humor. He's a good sport. Tom, "Invented Friends" should be one of your bragging rights in your Google Plus account!

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