How To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar on you Blogger Blog

When you created a new Blogger Blog, you will see the navigation bar at the top of  your blog site.

How To Remove Blogger Navigation Bar on you Blogger Blog
New Blogger Blog

But sometimes, for blog design purposes, you would want to remove it. To do it, follow the following simple steps:

*Note: "Template Designer" is a new feature of that lets you make or design your own blog template easier. And one of its advanced options is the "Add CSS" that lets us insert our own CSS code.

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard -> Design -> Template Designer -> Advanced -> Add CSS

Step 2: Paste The follwing Codes:

You should be in this section of Blogger Template Designer (Please Click To Enlarge)

#navbar-iframe {   
     display: none !important;

Step 3: Click the "APPLY TO BLOG" button on the upper right corner of the Template Designer.
That's it! Thanks for reading! :)

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