Sample Use of JavaScript OnFocus and OnBlur Event

You can see this example on many sites today such as yahoo mail.

When you click on the search box, the word “Search” will go.

When you click on another part of the webpage, the word “Search” comes back in it.


Step 1: Create your index.html file and put the following codes:

          <title>Sample Use of JavaScript OnFocus and OnBlur Event</title>
     <input type="text" value="Type keywords here..." size="40"
       OnFocus="if(this.value=='Type keywords here...') this.value='';"
       OnBlur="if(this.value=='') this.value = 'Type keywords here...';" />


This thing is used often in search boxes. You will save webpage space ‘coz you won’t have to put the label “Search” before the search box

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  1. Hi mike..

    Thanks for your kind reply and time.. i jus embed ur php code in html but while i trying to run its not working. i don’t know where i made mistake.can you help me? :(

  2. Hi mike..

    i want to create a form with a submit button which will send the form details to my mail id. i searching for this for a long time but i can’t findout ..can you help me??? please.

  3. Hi Everyone,
    this is great article but quite entertained!!!!In this demonstration we learn how to implement onblur event in java script. We know that onblur event trigger any java script method when specified control where onblur event is registered is losing the focuses…… for more details check out the following link……

    Thanks !!!

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