12 Animated HTML and CSS Logo Examples You’ll Love

I'm still amazed by these people creating and coding logos using only the HTML and CSS technology, I was like, look Ma, no Images and JavaScript!

So here are some of those amazing HTML and CSS logo examples that I recently found on the web (some are not actually logos but they can be used as logos). Click the title of each items below to view its code and live demo!

HTML and CSS Logo Examples:

1. Optical Spinner


2. Alien Bot


3. Tape Recorder


4. Jarvis


5. Snow Pyramid


6. Psychedelic Spiral Wormhole


7. Lemon Slice in Water


8. Lazy Cute Red Pet


9. Smooth Camera


10. Minion with Superman Mode - JavaScript were used only for changing to Superman mode.


11. Rotating Window


12. Pixel Perfect Ubuntu


I want to grow this list. If ever you want to add your own work or you know something the same or more awesome, please drop it in the comments section below! Any comments and suggestions are also welcome!

You think they are awesome too? Feel free to share this awesome HTML and CSS logo examples!

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