How To Make Things Happen?

It's simple.

How about not looking and not thinking about the things that can hold you back? You will feel lighter, excited, happy and empowered.

Just focus on how you can help other people, businesses or customers. They will feel it. You're sincere. You provide value. You have the skills. You can solve real world problems.

Stop "guessing" a solution. Stop wasting time. Act now and talk directly to the people you want to help and deserve your help.

What if you were rejected, or they didn't agree with you? It's their loss, not yours. They missed the opportunity to get the best possible solution.

So just keep on trying. :)

make things happen

There will be people who will absolutely love you for what you are doing. Let go of those who don't. You will learn a lot along the way and discover exciting things you never think of before.

This post isn't actually about programming. This is about life as I see it in another window. It can be related.

In real life programming or software development, it requires a strong mind, skills, patience and effort to come up with a good output or solution. In the game called "life", the same kind of stuff is needed to succeed and give the world a good service.

Back to making things happen, I think I have a good history of doing it.

When I was a kid

They told me not to speak up to avoid any trouble in school or anywhere. So I grew up shy and unsociable. I fear being with other people. I can't do so much when I was at this stage.

I didn't enjoy it. Other children won't play with me. I think they didn't like me because I'm too quiet and look paralyzed.

When I was in high school

I had these setbacks but a friend noticed that I love reading books. He told me to recite more in class because he's sure I can say something better than the others.

I tried it. Even if I fail sometimes, he still believed in me. I let go of the thoughts that won't help me be a better person.

I think of the good things that can happen if I will do it. My future will be bright and wealthy if I overcome this fear.

So I kept on trying and improving my skills. And that changed my whole high school life. I can speak when I want to. I got a girlfriend. I became a lead guitarist of a band. I graduated with flying colors. I was known as "The Christmas tree" on our little school.

When I was in college

I didn't get a full scholarship. But I am a scholar. My parents had no enough money to send me to college, they suggested I should work first on a fast food chain. And I did.

Every second I was there, I felt completely miserable. I quit the fast food chain job after 2 months. They told me I can't work on that large company of fast food chain anymore. I didn't care. I said I'm more than that, I'm meant for something bigger.

My relatives told me I can't make it to college with the school I like. But I said "no". There are people and friends who still believed in me.

Again, I let go of negative thoughts and skeptics whether I can make it to college or not. It won't help me anyway, so I just got to try. My plan is to maintain my scholarship until my graduation.

I focused on empowering thoughts. Positive mindset.

I went to college and maintained my scholarship every single semester, from freshmen to senior years. I made it, even without flying colors this time, I still made it.

What a sweet success. What a sweet victory.

They've been telling me that I cannot make it, but I made it. It's like a hard slap on their faces. All of those people who have been expressing negative things about me. I proved them wrong.

Seeing my success is a real pain for them. I didn't have any plans of hurting them, but that is what people get when they try to bring a positive person down.

After college

My parents wanted me to go and work abroad. But I didn't want to. I was only 19 years old at the time. I don't want to be away with my family and people I love. I wanted to enjoy my youth and experience being part of the workforce here in our country.

They told me I'm making a wrong decision. I didn't believe it. For me, if it feels like a burden, something is wrong.

So I got a job at the corporate world. A software development job, this is what I love doing. I enjoy it. I'm making some good cash. I get recognitions. I'm not bragging about it but it just feels good and light, I want it to serve as an inspiration so don't get me wrong.

After sometime, it was also unexpected that I will be in a relationship with the most beautiful woman in college, regarded as the muse of our batch. She's God fearing, smart, beautiful, fun to be with, an angel and she makes me a better man. I get a lot of inspiration from her, she's my soul-mate. All of the negative things I went through were washed away. She is really a blessing and a victory for me. :)

How about another victory?

As of today, I want to add another victory in my life. I want to be a successful entrepreneur. I think I am born to be an entrepreneur. I'm meant to do this.

I want to solve real world problems and get some income from it.

I want to contribute more value to the world. I want to continuously create positive impact and reach out to as many people as I can. I want to be a great teacher, leader and servant. I can't maximize myself and do this well when I'm an employee.

I believe I can have this sweet victory again.

So... how do I make things happen?

Based on my statements above, I think it will boil down to the following important points, with some addition...

  • Be clear about "WHY" you want to do or achieve something.
  • Mindset is really important, be positive. Always.
  • Surround yourself with people who believed in you. That's how you gain absolute confidence.
  • If it feels light, its right. There's something wrong if you feel weight down or compressed right now. Be honest about your feelings and don't kid yourself.
  • Ask for help.
  • Carefully assess and let go of the things that holds you back.
  • If you believe in God, pray multiple times a day. If you don't, maybe do a daily meditation or rituals.

I'm not saying it's easy, but you see, it's simple.

You can add your own way, techniques or stories of making things happen on the comments section below! We would love to read those things!

Have a happy life and make things happen, Ninjas! :)

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