Past Month Traffic Details By Google Analytics

Hi guys! Earlier, I (accidentally) checked out our website’s Google Analytics account. I was surprised and happy about what I saw. 

The Stats

For the past month, we got almost 12 thousand unique visitors, more than 14 thousand visits and more than 22 thousand page views. For me these statistics are very encouraging. I realized that I can help other people by writing something about programming. I feel like today, I’m realizing my dream of being a teacher in the future.

The Sources

Most of the traffic we got are from search engines, so I thank Google, Bing, Yahoo Search and the like for bringing more people to our website. Second source of traffic are from referral links, so I thank those people who liked, tweeted, shared and linked our posts to Facebook, Twitter, Stackoverflow, DZone, Hacker News and other websites that are linked to our place. Third source of traffic is the direct traffic, thanks for bookmarking, subscribing and returning here guys!

The New Perspective

Since I’m encouraged and inspired by your positive feedbacks, I will blog more high quality contents (Hmm, maybe as often as every week?) that can be useful for different level of programmers and not just short code snippets or quick tips. I will still reply to your comments depending on my available time. Yes, I’m also aware of negative feedbacks on this site but I prefer to look at it in a positive way. For me, negative feedbacks are great opportunities to learn something. 

Regarding code snippets or quick tips or fast posts, I’d still love to blog about it. I believe they are helpful too. Little code blocks with a little story or experience. I’ll blog these things on a different website or sub domain, something like or I just want to put more high quality posts as much as possible on our main website 

Again, thanks guys! See you!

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