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Download and learn how this simple PHP Contact Form Script was made. Technologies used include PHP OOP, MySQL, Bootstrap and HTML5.

Script Overview

This source code will enable you to add a ‘contact form’ feature on your website. This source code is a very good starting point if you’re trying to build your own ‘Contact Form Script’ from scratch and add some more complex features later.

This is because the basis of this source code are our step by step and easy to understand tutorial. Specifically this tutorial: PHP, MySQL and OOP CRUD Tutorial – Step by Step Guide!

The system looks simple. But I assure you that when you study the source code, you will learn a lot of useful PHP coding techniques.

Some include: How to send a message to a valid email address from a web form, use of settings for your contact form, collecting and storing customer messages on your own database, admin restrictions and more! You can see the detailed list of features on section 6.0 below.

Is This Code For Me?

The source code in this page is NOT for you if:

  • You are already an expert in PHP & MySQL programming.
  • You have a lot of time to code the listed features of our PHP contact form script
  • You are not that interested in learning PHP & MySQL programming.

But, this SOURCE CODE is FOR YOU if:

  • You want to SAVE a significant amount of development time.
  • You want to develop your own PHP contact form script from scratch.
  • You determined to learn how to make a this web application feature in PHP & MySQL.
  • You need some guidance in learning about this script (I’ll personally support you & answer your questions)

But if you are an expert in PHP & MySQL programming and would like to take a look at our code, please do so! We’d love to hear your response and great insights! The comments section below is always open for anyone with questions and suggestions.


Before you download, please make sure you have basic understanding of the following topics.

a. PHP, MySQL and OOP CRUD Tutorial – Step by Step Guide!
b. Apache .htaccess RewriteRule Examples

Once you learned our tutorials above, this source code should be easy to understand.

Output Preview

Below are some screenshots of our script’s output. You can click an image to view the larger version of it.

Please note that the following images are just output previews. New features might be added already the time you are reading this.

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Database Design

Our database name will be “php_contact_form”, and we will have three tables: Messages, Settings and Users.


File Structure

The following folders and files are included in our source code. It will have more meaning if you will see the code inside the folders and files.
├─ admin/
├─── delete_message.php
├─── index.php
├─── layout_foot.php
├─── layout_head.php
├─── login_checker.php
├─── navigation.php
├─── paging.php
├─── read_message.php
├─── read_message_template.php
├─── search_messages.php
├─── settings.php
├─ config/
├─── core.php
├─── database.php
├─ dev/
├─── php_contact_form.sql
├─── readme.txt
├─ images/
├─ libs/
├─── css/
├────── bootstrap/
├────── font-awesome/
├─── js/
├────── bootbox.min.js
├────── custom-script.js
├────── jquery.js
├─── php/
├────── pw-hashing/
├────── utils.php
├─ objects/
├─── message.php
├─── setting.php
├─── user.php
├─ .htaccess
├─ contact.php
├─ index.php
├─ info.php
├─ layout_foot.php
├─ layout_head.php
├─ login.php
├─ logout.php
├─ navigation.php

What People Say?

Here’s what people feel about our work and source code downloads.

"Wow, I love you guys! The best web programming tutorial I’ve ever seen. So comprehensive, yet easy to follow. I love how you combine all necessary elements in such a neat structure."

"The fact that you’ve put it all together saves so much time and its worth buying the code. Makes me feel good supporting a developer like yourself. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for making these awesome tutorials! I bought your source codes. To be honest, it’s very readable code and helps me understand a lot of things and how it’s done in PHP. Thanks for that again."

Features List & Download – PHP Contact Form Script

Learn more techniques when coding with PHP, MySQL and OOP YES
Save your precious time coding and searching about how to do the features below. YES
PHP PDO and Prepared Statements YES
jQuery enabled YES
Bootstrap enabled YES
Font-awesome enabled YES
Buttons are displayed with appropriate icons YES
Name field YES
Email field YES
Subject field YES
Message field YES
Client side validation (HTML5) YES
Server side validation (PHP) YES
Display contact email from settings YES
Display contact number from settings YES
Display contact person from settings YES
Store customer message to database YES
Send message to contact email (email set in the settings) YES
Send confirmation email to customer YES
Sending email can work via localhost using the PhpMailer library YES
Uses htmlspecialchars($_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”]) for form action YES
Sanitize each submitted field with htmlspecialchars(), strip_tags() and trim() functions YES
Require value for each field YES
Show an error message under input fields if value is missing YES
Validate email address format YES
Keep values in the form if there are any error YES
List messages collected from customers using the contact form YES
Display name, subject, sent and action columns YES
Unread messages in white row background YES
Read messages in gray row background YES
Pagination of messages YES
Search messages by name, email, subject and message fields YES
Read a message YES
Delete a message YES
Setting for contact firstname YES
Setting for contact lastname YES
Setting for contact gender YES
Setting for contact email YES
Setting for contact number YES
Decide if you’ll show contact name YES
Decide if you’ll show email YES
Decide if you’ll show contact number YES
Login using email and password YES
Log out user YES
Hashed password stored in database YES
Logged-in user name display on the right side of navigation bar YES
Log-out button displayed on drop-down when user name was clicked YES
Messages can be read by logged-in admin. YES
Messages can be deleted by logged-in admin. YES
Free support for 6 months. YES
Free source code updates. YES

Simple Set Up

By now, you were able to download this (PHP Contact Form Script) source code. Here are the few instructions about how to run it.

1. Copy the extracted files to your localhost or upload it to your webserver.

2. You have to create your database using PhpMyAdmin, name of the database: php_contact_form

3. Import the SQL file called “php_contact_form.sql” located in the “dev” folder.

4. Change line 7 .htaccess file (No changes should be made if you put the files on the root directory of your localhost)


5. Run the login.php file on your browser, use the following user credentials.

Username: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

6. To see the contact form, run contact.php

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Thank You!

Thank you for reading about this PHP Contact Form Script source code and supporting our projects here at!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
a. Send me an email. My email address is [email protected]
b. Go to and chat me up.

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