Export Column Data with PhpMyAdmin

Sometimes you would want to export your MySQL data, but on a specific number of columns only.

For example, you have a users table that has has more than two columns (firstname, lastname, username, password, etc.) and you only want to export the user's names and usernames.

In short you are exporting only two columns from your users table, and PhpMyAdmin can help us with that.

Here's how to do that:

1. Find you table and to to structure tab. In this example, we have "coan" database and "users" table.

2. Select two columns you want to export and click "Browse" (see red arrow below). We selected the "firstname" and "username".

3. Now you can export the selected columns by clicking "Export" (see red arrow) below the page.

4. Now you can "quick export" it. An SQL file will be downloaded, containing your exported column data.

You can play around with "custom" export if you want, there will be options like entering specific number of rows you want to be exported.