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CakePHP Naming Conventions

CakePHP requires us to follow certain convention. In this way, we will have very uniform system development, have free functionality, and save time over tracking configuration files! :)1. Create a Model  directory: app/models/ filename: post.php  classname: Post extension: class Post extends AppModel The filenames of models are always singular. And its classnames are CamelCased. 2. Create a Controller  directory: app/controllers/ filename: posts_controller.php classname: PostsController extension: class […]

How To Alter/Change InnoDB to MyISAM

"What? MySQL Fulltext Search is not working!"Well, this is what I thought before. I used to have MyISAM tables when developing an application. I never thought about table types. I then realized that I was using InnoDB table type where MySQL Fulltext search is not working.  So I had to alter the table from InnoDB […]