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Create Favicon Online Free

It is good to see when your website has "Favicon". It is an icon image seen on the browser's tab when your site is viewed. It adds some good vibes and identity to your site. It also provides a professional look for your website and can help improve its brand.  Favicons Before, I feel lazy […]

How To Send Email Using PHP Mail Function

Hi guys! Today we’ll be sending email using the PHPMail Function. I think this is much easier than using a PHP library like PHPMailer. You don’t have to specify your email address and password to sent email, just specify the “from” email address you want. But you must have a live mail server. By the […]

How To Send Email Using PHPMailer and GMail

Hi there! Today we'll be sending email using PHPMailer Library and your Gmail account. This code works even if you test it on your local machine (localhost) since the mailer server it uses is the Google mail server. You just have to be connected on the internet and you don't have to install your own mailer […]

Basic Structure Of An HTML5 Document

Someone asked me how to make a webpage. An HTML document is the most basic thing in making a webpage. So here's its basic structure. Step 1: Create an index.html file. It should have the following codes. HTML You should see "Just a sample content" text in your web browser when you run this. Then for HTML5, the […]

Sample Use of JavaScript OnFocus and OnBlur Event

You can see this example on many sites today such as yahoo mail. When you click on the search box, the word “Search” will go. When you click on another part of the webpage, the word “Search” comes back in it. HOW TOs. Step 1: Create your index.html file and put the following codes: TIPs […]

How To Refresh Greybox Parent Page

I wonder why its hard to find this tutorial on the web. So I decided to make my own. This snippet is useful if you’re editing data in the greybox pop up window and then you want to reflect the changes in its parent window by refreshing it. In case you want to test this […]

How To Use jQuery Table Sorter With A Database

Hi there! Today we’re going to do a script that: Get list of data from a database. Arrange those data into a table, so that It will be sortable (without page refresh) once you click its header. All of these are done with the help of TableSorter. It is a jQuery plugin that lets you […]

SHA1 Hashing Algorithm

If you're feeling lazy right now to create your own hashing algorithm (like me haha!), here's one of best built in hashing algorithm with its new feature in PHP5 - SHA1. It uses US Secure Hash Algorithm 1.I didn't hear any successful hacking attempts or tools for sha1 yet. (If you have, please pm me or comment to […]

How To Use Greybox

Greybox is another beautiful way not only to display your site contents or websites in a pop up window but also to do database operations in it.    Image from How To's. *Comments on codes serves as its explanations.   Step 1: Download Greybox here.   Step 2: Create your js/ directory and place […]

CSS Z-Index Property

Z-Index property is like a layering system for CSS. It helps a lot when it comes to organizing elements on a web page.Today I'm gonna show you a simple example use of the CSS Z-index property.At the end of this tutorial, we will have th following output: The CSS Z-index property Step 1: Prepare two sample […]