Some Changes in our Code Blog


Hey guys! As you can see there are some changes here in our blog, and how it works. For the past few months I've been really busy on these changes and on work that I haven't posted something that's of high quality to you. :D

Anyway, for those who are asking, YES, I'm still alive and this blog will continue to be updated as long as I live. Haha!

#1 Navigation Bar

Instead of long options in the site navigation bar, I grouped some of them and make it a drop-down. For instance, I added a "Programming Tutorials" item and under it are all the programming tutorials section available here in our blog.

I do this because want to achieve an easy and seamless navigation around web pages of codeofaninja. The navigation bar items on the home page is the same in the demo center, download center, and online tools. By the way, for those of you who doesn't know what Demo and Download centers are, you can refer to #2 below.

The new navigation bar.

#2 Demo and Download Centers

As I was saying in #1 above, the "Demo Center" is where you can find blog posts with a code "demo" or list of code demos that came from our tutorials. You can also see how popular the post becomes in the social media because I included the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus buttons with their respective counts. And yes, the buttons are alive so you can click them yourself!

On the other hand, the "Download Center" is where you can find the code downloads of every post with a code download that it deserves. Only codeofaninja members can access this section of our site, you have to enter your email to be a member. Don't worry, I don't spam all those 14,000+ members.

It makes me happy to think that the members continue to grow every day, in fact, an average of 30 to 50 members are added everyday! Currently, I don't give updates via email since an email service like MailChimp cost too much. In the near future, more cool features will be added to the Download center and only members like you can enjoy it!

Another cool thing is that, these centers are integrated with my WordPress database. So, every time a new post was published, it will be an item on these centers - automatically! But a lot of items are still, have to be updated.

#3 Increasing Visitors and Members

My heart feels like I have purpose in this world, it's because of you guys! You give a little attention to my blog. Some of you love our tutorials and browse the different pages of our blog. I just wanna say, thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart! I know it sounds cheesy but, it's true. Gimme a hug!

#4 Most Requested Topics

I'm planning to post more of what you guys like. According to our analysis and feed back from you, the most requested topics include PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery UI and jQuery. Android still comes up although not that much for now.

#5 YouTube Channel


I was planning to convert most of my tutorials here to YouTube videos. But posted a question on our social media accounts, asking you on which tutorial format do you prefer, a programming tutorial on (A) a webpage or (B) a video?

Most of you answered the letter A. Some of you answerd "Both" and few answered B. So yes, I decided to remain on the webpage format. But some code demos will still be on videos, so please subscribe on our youtube channel for any updates. If there is an update on our channel, there is also a greater chance that there is a new post here on our blog.

#6 New Favicon

Our first favicon was ugly and I don't even wanna show it to you once again, so I removed it. Yesterday, I get the chance to udpate our favicon. I'm so happy I did, our website looks like it has a little more authority was added. I just want to give a big thanks to this website for doing a great job creating our beautiful favicon!

#7 Android Gallery

Yes, my first concept about the Android Gallery website sucks, so I'm changing it to a more useful and contextual content. I'm excited to bring you the new Android Gallery! But right now, most posts looks broken, but I'm also working to fix them.

We also changed the theme of the website to make it look more useful and easier to browse. We are also optimizing the images so that it will load faster even in mobile devices, yes the layout is responsive and looks good on mobile!

That's it for the updates guys, be sure to follow us on social media or subscribe via email (all links on the sidebar), I'll see you on the next post! ~ Mike

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