Saying Goodbye to Google Blogger

Hey guys! How are you? I'm so happy today. I'm almost done re-creating this website. Why? I switched from Blogger to WordPress! Yes, you read it right.

I love WordPress!

Some of you may know that I'm a Google fan. I love Google. There was a time when I worked with a product manager from Google Singapore to improve Google Maps. But you know, everyone has imperfections. I don't have love for all Google products and services.

This is my very first post using a self-hosted WordPress blog. It feels like I'm in heaven. I'm loving it so much and have a million reasons why. I'll list some of them below but first, I want to tell you...

Why I left Blogger?

I know, i know, it sound like breaking up. It's almost the same anyway. Here are some reasons I had in mind.

  1. It is very simple and boring. Simplicity is really good but a time will come when you will want to achieve simplicity with a little bit complexity. It is fun and you'll be thrilled. In this case, I'm learning more about SEO and social media, Blogger does not have enough tools for me to do that. I can't control URLs, meta data, and other factors that may contribute for our site to rank higher.
  2. I don't enjoy programming in the Blogger platform. I understand how the template can be done or modified in Blogger. I even made a responsive blogger template. But it's still very limited. It feels like I cannot unleash the true Ninja within me when I stay. Blogger is not PHP, it is not Android. WordPress allows me to enjoy more of PHP programming or Web development.
  3. Blogger does not have a large community I can relate to. WordPress is made with PHP and other web development technologies that I can absolutely relate to such as HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.
  4. I'm disappointed with Blogger themes, tools or plugins. I think this is because programming with the blogger platform is something developers hate. WordPress plugins and WordPress themes has thousands of useful items you can choose and developers are actively contributing to it because of this little thing called love.
  5. I forgot some of the reasons why I left blogger, but I'll add it here once I thought of it. You might also want to add yours, just drop it in the comments section below!

Blogger is the very first blogging platform I love. It is very easy to set up, free, hosted by Google and can get you started really well! It is the reason why my Google Adsense account was approved.

But when are learning really well and achieving some levels of success, you will have to upgrade with something you have

Why I love WordPress?

Seriously, do I really even need to have a list for this? Okay, I'll just make it quick since I feel like my brain is shutting down right now.

  1. Really easy to manage posts. Writing features are really great especially the distraction free writing mode.
  2. Makes your site a lot faster. Well, it depends on your hosting server, if you have a high traffic site, a VPS might suit you well.
  3. Themes and plugins. I'm really amazed with a lot of beautiful themes (free or paid), and very useful plugins WordPress can offer - for your site's visual design, SEO, and more!
  4. More control. With a self-hosted WordPress site, you have more control over your data and how they can be used.
  5. Enjoyment. Developing a website or any app with a programming technology or language you know is such a joy. You can do more and feel more productive in everyday of your life.
  6. Add your reason here.

Even though switching to WordPress cost me few bucks, that's really okay. It was covered by my income from my Adsense account, speaking engagements and private tutor services which I was able to do through the discovery of my blog.

So that's it for now guys! If you want to add something to my list, feel free to drop it in the comments section below, I'm willing to update this post for you! I'm shutting down and need some sleep now, Good night!

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