Yo App Super Funny Comments

yo app super funny comments

Few days ago, an app called "Yo" was released. Like the name suggests, the "Yo" app has one simple function: sending a single message: Yo.

How it works? You create a list of contacts. You tap one of those contacts, and they get a "Yo" message. According to the app's description, it can mean pretty much whatever the sender wants it to mean, depending on context:

Wanna say "good morning"? just Yo.
Wanna say "Baby I'm thinking about you"? -- Yo.
"I've finished my meeting, come by my office" -- Yo.
"Are you up?" -- Yo.

The app has received $1 million in angel funding from a group of investors. Sounds stupid and funny, right? But do you know what is funnier? The user comments and testimonials about it. I've compiled some of them below, read and laugh! (I don't know if we have the same level of humor, so don't hate me if you didn't find the list below funny enough)

1. "YOlo. This app changed my life. I used to work in a dead end job making minimum wage but YO changed all of that. I've finally learned that with the right networking tools, anything is possible. Now I drive a Ferrari and own a pet unicorn. This app is amazeballs." Source

2. "My life will never be the same. I started out work at this new place where I felt shy in communicating with my co-workers. Life was already rough with me, with my gf asking to break up and my parents feeling that their son had drifted apart. So tough, that I had to even sell off my gf's shoes to make ends meet. But then, Yo happened. I started communicating much more efficiently. Boss gave me the "Best Communicator Award". My parents were proud that I could finally convey what I felt. And my gf, well, getting married :D"

3. "The best. I was fat, ugly, highly depressed and suicidal, but ever since i installed yo, my life just turned into awesome, my fat burned easily, and suddenly i have six pack on my stomach, seriously, best app ever!"

4. "Yo was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I started college and I really didn't know anyone.I had no one to talk to I ate all my meals alone and I was becoming extremely depressed. I saw this app in the app store and downloaded it because I though that maybe something like this could get me to smile. But suddenly I started to get yo's from so many people on campus! It's the best feeling in the world when someone sends me a yo. I know when a yo is meant to simply say hello and when it means I'm madly in love with you! There's no ambiguity!I Love yo!"

5. "Life changing. Before Yo I was a sad, lonely individual that couldn't even string a sentence together. I had no friends, no family, no money, no house, no nothing. Since installing Yo everything has changed. I'm married, have 2 beautiful children, a Ferrari and homes throughout the world. Thank you Yo."

6. "Saved my life. I thought I was going nowhere in life; my girlfriend left me, I got fired from my job, and I just got evicted from my apartment even though I had been paying rent. I was so distraut I stood on the side of a bridge about to jump. When I got a Yo from my friend I realized that my life could mean so much more. I started Yo'ing everybody and they Yo'ed me back. Everything changed: I got hired with a billion dollar signing bonus, I married Emma Watson and got super ripped. Yo changed my life."

7. "Yo. I don't have time for 140 characters, or texting people. Yo has replaced every communication tool I use. Boss "is your presentation ready to go"...YO. Girlfriend Why don't you look me in the eyes when were intimate" ...YO. Dad "Your mom died"...YO."

8. "Yo. My girlfriend and I always had arguments with no resolution. I think communication was the problem. One day, my girlfriend decided to leave me for good without any hopes of returning. Life was tough and it wasn't easy for me. There wasn't a single night I slept without dreaming of her. I needed to get myself back on my feet. All this changed with Yo. One day, I decided to Yo at my girlfriend. Since then, we've got back together and never looked back. We only communicate with Yo nowadays."

9. "This app is life. After the the divorce of my parents this app has brought happiness back into the hearts of my family members. So much has happened and I just didn't even know what to say. My mother is an emotional wreck and my dad has been suffering from random fits of anger. Finding this app has finally been able to help me communicate and find the words to do so. Now that my mother and father use this app they have been able to say yo to each other! They haven't talked to each other in months. Thank you yo..."

10. "I was once blind but now I see. Thanks to this revolutionary application, communication with my co-workers has never been more efficient. Need to reach someone on the other side of the office? Just shoot me a Yo. Need a fix because of a deadline crunch? Yo it up; your message can't get across any clearer! We can honestly say we have achieved a 20% productivity boost upon discovering Yo, and hope you can experience it today. 10/10 would Yo again"

11. App Store Review by Appbot: "This app changed my life. I am a professional scientist who has been scouring the earth for 7 years in search of a program or application so revolutionary, so outside of the box, so groundbreaking, that it could actually reverse the effects of clinical depression and bipolar disorder. "Yo" seems to be a fit. I have tested the effects of yo on several samples of depressed and bipolar tigers. Tigers were a natural choice for testing due to the little known fact that their anatomy is nearly identical to that of a humans. In a sample of depressed tigers, 8 out of 10 became happier due to the app yo and in an all male sample, 9 out of 10 experienced increased libido. I have taken my findings to Pfizer in hopes of negotiating some sort of three way contract between the creators of yo, Pfizer, and myself, Chisley Winsett M.D. So my message is this, creators of yo, this app that you have so sweetly crafted is not just an app, nay, but a highly scientific piece of medical innovation. We could do great things together. Please respond. Regards, Chisley Winsett M.D."

12. "Yo dawg. I heard I used to be a poor stonemason in Gotham City, when the Fire nation attacked and the war in Westeros broke out. What's worse, I forgot to renew my internet subscriptions. But all that changed when I installed this app, after which I became Batman AND High King. Now excuse me for I need to drive up to my homies Snoop Dogg and Xzibit, who love me for this app."

If you found other funny comments or testimonials about this Yo app. Please add it in the comment section below! Thanks! And make sure to check the full list of all current sign up offers for the 2018 betting.

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