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How to send mail from localhost in PHP using XAMPP?

Sending email from localhost is very useful to quickly test or debug your web application. Setting up the mail function will need a few steps. Send email using PHP mail() Create php file Create send_email_test.php file. Put the following code. It uses the PHP mail() function. By default, it will not work in localhost. To […]

New member’s area launched!

Our new member's area is now live! Our member's area is currently only for our customers who purchased any of our source codes. Once you register and log in, you can see the list of all your purchases in one place. No need to repeatedly scan your email for your purchases. You can also download […]

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Step By step guide!

Welcome to our unique JavaScript tutorial series, tailored explicitly for beginners interested in building a shopping cart application. In this JavaScript tutorial for beginners, we will skip the traditional introduction to the basics of JavaScript syntax, variables, data types, and operators. Instead, we will dive right into the essential features of JavaScript crucial for creating […]

REST API Authentication Example in PHP – JWT Tutorial

Previously, we learned how to create a simple REST API in PHP. The create, read, update and delete database records (CRUD operations) have been helpful for our projects. Today, we will learn how to authenticate a user using REST API and JSON Web Tokens or JWT. This tutorial will cover a basic sign-up or registration […]

How To Create A Simple REST API in PHP? Step By Step Guide!

Previously, we learned the basics of JavaScript from our JavaScript tutorial for beginners. Today, we will explore the creation of a simple REST API using the PHP programming language. We will delve into the implementation of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality and examine the implementation of search and pagination functionality within the context of […]

Simple PHP Tournament Script – PHP & AngularJS – Download Source Code

Important Note: This script is not updated in a while. But it still works. Download at your own risk. Download and learn how this simple tournament script was made. Technologies used include PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, Material Design and jQuery. Script Overview This script is an addition to our tutorial: PHP, MySQL and AngularJS CRUD Tutorial […]

Download The Social Media Scripts – LEVEL 3 – PRO PACK

Here in codeofaninja.com, we work hard to produce scripts that works - scripts that are truly useful for your projects or business. Downloading this LEVEL 3 PRO PACK now will give you the same features and quality support as if you buy them one by one. The only difference is you get a huge discount. […]

PHP Contact Form Module

Download and learn how this simple PHP Contact Form Script was made. Technologies used include PHP OOP, MySQL, Bootstrap and HTML5. Script Overview This source code will enable you to add a 'contact form' feature on your website. This source code is a very good starting point if you're trying to build your own 'Contact […]